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General FAQ

Who is Durian Maven?

Durian Maven is an online platform that aims to gather the best durian supplies in the region to Singapore. We work with regional durian suppliers who are highly passionate to provide Singapore’s residents with the best source. Just place your orders with our platform and we will deliver the king of fruits to your doorstep.

Where do the durians come from?

They are from Raub, which is located in the state of Pahang, in Malaysia. Raub is the oldest town in Pahang and is likely to be the most famous durian growing district in entire Malaysia. They are also known to produce the best durians and is called the “durian capital of Malaysia”.

Where is Durian Maven located?

We are an online-only service that does not currently have a retail outlet for you to make a collection.

Are all the durians cheaper than retail?

The products that we sell are generally better priced than what you buy from retail stores and supermarkets. While we aim to be highly competitive in price, we do not want to compromise on the quality of durians we sell. 

There are instances when physical retail stores are able to offer certain products at a better price during their clearance promotion. We do not do that as we usually do not have items to clear. Our mission is to provide you only with the freshest products.

Because we sell direct, that means you are buying from us at their promotional prices 365 days a year, for a much better quality of durians.

If we miss out anything, do let us know.