Durian Maven is an online platform that aims to gather the best durian supplies in the region to Singapore. We work with regional durian suppliers who are highly passionate to provide Singapore’s residents with the best source. Just place your orders with our platform and we will deliver the king of fruits to your doorstep.

Our vision is to provide Singapore with the best options available to get the highest quality of durian, at the best value that can be offered. 

Traditionally, in a retail environment, products go through many hands before it reaches you. The process is costly and time-consuming. You might end up paying more, and not getting the freshest products. We streamline that process and bring the durians directly from the farms in the region to your doorstep.

Save money, and get the freshest and highest quality durians today.

Our mission is to partner with the best suppliers in the region and work with them to bring the king of fruits directly from the farm to your doorstep. Our supplies and logistics chain go through a stringent curation process to ensure that they are the best of the best. Then, we utilised our strong e-commerce model and logistic capabilities to transport them directly to you. That way, we shorten the entire process and save unnecessary cost. 

With that, we pass the savings and you will get to enjoy the best durians at the best value.